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To visit

La cave de la Klauss

La cave de la Klauss will allow you to taste and buy local specialties, the most of which being produced locally (foie gras, smoked ham, pâté lorrain...) as well as many wines. 

Visit the website. 

Maison de la Nature and Réserve Naturelle in Montenach

La Maison de la nature proposes various hiking types and its discovery trail where you will discover, from May to June, wild orchids. 

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Dukes of Lorraine Castle in Sierck les Bains

A remarkable site with a unique view of the Moselle river situated 5 km from Montenach.

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Malbrouck Castle in Manderen

An entirely restored castle 10 km away from Montenach.

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Le château de la Grange

This home, still lived by the Marquis de Fouquet's descendents, owns furnitures, paintings and ancient ceramics which will take you back at the XVIII century.  

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La citadelle de Rodemack

La citadelle de Rodemack offers nine centuries of a quality military heritage to its guests. An invitation to travel through ages! 

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Le château de Preisch

Le château de Preisch accomodates wonderful things for 4 centuries. All along the year, many events are to be discovered at the Castle in order to revive it : Game of track, orientation race... 

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Ouvrage Maginot du Hackenberg

Surnamed the monster of the Ligne Maginot, it owns 10kms galeries and 19 fighting blocks. All the guided tours are carried out on the edge of a small train! Hot outfit recommended. 

Visit the website. 

Groupe Fortifié de Guentrange

Built by the Germans, it had for mission to protect the Thionville city against the French attacks. In 1918, Thionville became French. Hot outfit recommended.  

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Le Parc du Haut Fourneau

From a great history to a work of art, the Parc du Haut Fourneau is the symbol of the industrial heritage of the Fensch.

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Walygator park is an amusement park, suitable for all. Shows and animations are proposed all along the day - even during some nocturnals - for familial amusement.  

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A lot of activities for everybody. You will find a casino, a skating rink, a swimming pool, a thermal center, many bars and restaurant, but also one of the most beautiful zoo in Europe! 

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Lorraine's capital, Metz city owns edifices, and historic and protected monuments. Let yourself be enchanted by the unmissable Saint Etienne Cathedral, the Pompidou Center, but also by its numerous squares and pedestrian streets.


Visit the tourism office website. 


Nancy is relatively preserved by centuries and wars. Its different districts always have an architecture and a characteristic atmosphere. Discover in particular Ville-Vieille and Ville-Neuve, with their distinct styles.

Visit the tourism office website. 

The wine route of Moselle

Along the "three frontiers", the itinerary of the wine route will propose you to discover various emblematic winegrower's addresses. Go to meet the Domaine Sontag in Contz-les-Bains (France), the Domaine Vinsmoselle in Stadtbredimus (Luxembourg), but also of the Saarland wine trail (Germany).

Saar loop 

Following a route through the forest, you will reach the viewpoint of Cloef, which offers you the most beautiful panoramic view of the famous loop.

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Sarrebrücken owns a lot of curiosities. The city is characterized by many baroque handiworks. There is a lot monuments to visit.  

Visit the office tourism website.


Trier city owns a lot of sites classified at the Unesco, grouped in a relatively small perimeter, which corresponds to the ancient Roman fortifications. And at the end of the year, do not miss its majestic Christmas market!

Visit the tourism office website. 

The roman antiquities

During the Antiquity, Romans already knew enjoying the region charms. Discover these antique sites : 

  • On one side, a ancient mosaic, situated in Nennig (Germany). Visit the website. 
  • On the other side, the complete reconstruction of a roman villa, the Villa Borg in Perl Borg (Germany). Visit the website. 

Luxembourg city

Luxembourg city is full of history, with its fortifications classified at the Unesco, and its Grand-Ducal palace. It's also a modern city with the MUDAM, the contemporary art museum. 

Visit the tourism office website. 

The European museum

The Schengen's European museum will make you discover, through its permanent exhibition, the history and the signification of the Schengen's agreements. A beautiful walk on foot or by bike on the banks of the Moselle...

Visit the website. 

Remich and its cruises

Remich is the Luxembourg seaside resort. Then, you will find, along the Moselle banks, various restaurants and activities. Navitours proposes you, for example, cruises with possibilities to eat inside.  

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Tourism office of the Three Borders region

You will find all the necessary information to prepare your stay in the Three Border Region.

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