The Domaine
de la Klauss


Three Border Region 

The Domaine is located in the Three Border Region, where France, Luxembourg and Germany meet, at the heart of Europe.

Sierck-les-Bains and Malbrouck Castles still stand today as testimonies to the impact the medieval era had on this part of France. You can also see Schengen in Luxembourg, where the world famous European Treaty was signed and its contemporary museum, which displays information about the treaty. The cosmopolitan capital of Luxembourg is only 30 minutes from the Domaine by car. Germany also has its fair share of attractions with the natural gem “The Saar Loop” or Villeroy & Boch’s headquarters, as well as its museum and factory shop in Mettlach, situated only 20 minutes from the Domaine.

Whether you are in France, Luxembourg or Germany, why not take in the breathtaking Moselle valley with its vineyards and Wine route? On sunny days it can be easily mistaken for the Riviera.

A region brimming with sites to see.


In the heart of the Three Border Region, Montenach is located in the middle of 7 hills, which were carved out of the Lorraine plateau over time by various streams. It is ideal for walkers and cross-country bike-riders alike. Domaine de la Klauss rents e-bikes for your rides.

In the village, you can visit the Montenach National Nature Reserve, where over 500 plant species thrive, including 24 species of orchid, over 600 species of butterfly, without forgetting the birds and insects etc.


Where to find us

Montenach, in the Three Border Region, a stone’s throw away from Sierck-les-Bains, Schengen (L) and Perl (G).

Address: 2 Impasse du Klaussberg, 57480 Montenach
Telephone: +33 (0)3 82 83 19 75

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