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An Extraordinary Experience

Come and enjoy a unique experience with the Iberian horses staying at Domaine de la Klauss’ stables. Why not come and visit the stables during your stay and admire these beautiful horses renowned for their natural elegance and presence. They are also highly esteemed for their showmanship, and you will undoubtedly see them performing the Spanish walk or doing a piaf to music or even greeting you with a bow.

Sevillano, Elogio, Tempranillo, Galeon, Florete and Lancelot look forward to meeting you.

Come and take a look at our equestrian activities!

Rides in the Forest

The Domaine is nestled in the heart of 7 hills with direct access to forest walks.

Our horses may be rented by experienced riders with ‘level 5 galop’ certificate or equivalent based on our professional rider’s assessment:

Price for one hour: €90

Initiation in Haute École Dressage

If you already know how to ride, what about improving your dressage skills or experiencing what it feels like to ride an haute école trained horse. Elogio and Florete are perfect partners for a private lesson from Séverine Petit, our certified specialist dressage teacher.

Lessons must be reserved at least 48 hrs. in advance.

Price for one hour: €120 per person

Initiation in Ethology

“The horse, a mirror of man”

The benefits of ethology are well known, as it is an excellent tool for personal development and confidence building.

We offer an initiation in ethology so you can discover the world of horses by learning how they live, move, and behave.

During this initiation you will be able to work freely with the horse alongside a horse trainer.

Price for 45 mins.: €70 per person

A Unique Dining Experience

Enjoy an exceptional experience with the Domaine’s stud farm and stables “Unique Dining Experience.”

Come and dine with our Spanish thoroughbreds in our stables from May to end September and savour a gastronomic menu especially created by our Chef Lucien Keff. Your event may also be accompanied by musical and equine entertainment to make it a truly magical experience.

Please contact us at for any requests or for more information.
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