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Ultimate Treatments for Two

“Audace” Ritual Treatment - 2hrs - €420

Savour the unique sensations and the overall feeling of relaxation this body and face treatment offers. The product’s refreshing properties enhance the invigorating experience further still,
reenergising and revitalising your body. This treatment includes a full body scrub, a hot stone body and face massage and a face treatment.
Treatment for one person for € 210

Signature Diamond Treatment - 2hrs15 - €460

A unique treatment that includes a relaxing bath with Ruby salts, an intuitive 1hr. – massage with diamond oil and a full facial lasting 45 mins. Your body will feel totally relieved.

Privatised balneotherapy for two + 2 glasses of the Domaine’s sparkling wine - 20 mins - €65

Balneotherapy massage improves your circulation, relaxes your muscles and revitalises
your skin.

Face treatments

Discovery Facial - 30 mins.  €50

Make-up removal, scrub, serum and mask. Recommended for maintaining radiant and silky
skin, suitable for all types of skins.

Gemology Treatments - 1hr - €92

This comprehensive facial is ideal for relaxation, thanks to a soothing mask and relaxing hotstone well-being massage.
Gemology Dry Skin treatment
Gemology Mixed Skin treatment
Gemology Sensitive Skin treatment
Gemology Mature Skin treatment
Gemology Blue Amber Treatment

“Les Précieux” Treatments - 1hr - €98

This comprehensive face treatment prevents the signs of aging due to a Jade and Quartz stone wellness massage. Your skin will feel soothed and radiant, as it adapts to suit all your skin’s needs.
Malachite Ecrin Dry Skin Treatment
Amethyst Ecrin Mixed Skin Treatment
Smithsonite Ecrin Sensitive Skin Treatment
Diamond Gel Mask Treatment
White Pearl Gel Mask Treatment

“Les Ecrins” - 1hr15 - €115

This “bespoke” face treatment lives up to all your expectations, offering real anti-aging results for your skin. Your skin will feel refreshed and replenished, thanks to the masks’ singular ingredients ssociated with the unique expertise of a relaxing anti-aging hot-stone wellness massage.
Anti-wrinkle Ecrin Diamond Treatment
Red Jasper Brightening Treatment
Ecrin Jade Toning Treatment
Pearl and Diamond lightening Treatment

Mineral & Collagen Treatment - 1hr30 - €158

This prestigious Anti-aging face treatment immediately restructures your skin thanks to Collagen. This essential protein guarantees your skin’s strength and youthful appearance and is the main ingredient of this specific treatment for the face, neck and eye contour area, leaving you with smooth, toned and radiant skin.
Mineral & Collagen Youth Diamond
Minerale & Collagen Brightening Ruby
White Pearl Treatment

Face Treatment packages
Gemology Treatments 5 sessions lasting 1hr = 1 session free - €368
Précieux Treatments 5 sessions lasting 1hr = 1 session free - €392
Les Ecrins Treatments 5 sessions lasting 1hr = 1 session free - €460
Mineral & Collagen Mask 5 sessions lasting 1hr30 = 1 session free - €632


Facial - 30 mins. - €50

Well-being massage with semi-precious stones on your face, bust, arms and scalp.

OPTION for all treatments 
Steam and black-head removal 15 mins.  €30

Body Treatments


30 mins. - €55

Relaxing, Anti-stress Peridot Salt Scrub
Your skin will look refreshed and stress-free thanks to the combination of minerals associated with Peridot.

Anti-Age, Smoothing Ruby Salt Scrub
Ruby and salts that are rich in trace elements work together to make your skin softer and improve your skin tone.

Slimming and Toning Sapphire Salt Scrub
The combination of the salts’ minerality combined with the efficiency of Sapphire for a cleansed, toned and slimmer body.

Relaxing Mother of Pearl Scrub
The soothing properties of Pearl combined with the stress-relieving action of Peridot for smoother skin. Your body is relaxed, and your skin is softer.

Energising Mango Brightening Scrub
Experience the ultimate sensation of purity thanks to the fibrous texture of this product, which is rich in vitamins.

Well-being Massages

Intemporel Body Massage
30 mins - €55
1hr - €100
1hr30 - €145
Relaxing Well-being Massage & Wrap thanks to the manual technique used.

Gemology Body Massage with Precious stones - 1hr - €115
Pink quartz, Rock Crystal and Agate stones specially cut and shaped to become one with your body.

Face & Body Massage with Precious Stones - 1hr15 - €140
Pink Quartz, Rock Crystal and Agate form a perfect alliance for your body and face.

Signature Body Massage - 1hr - €115
Very beautiful massage ritual that combines manual strokes with Quartz and Crystals.

Candle Massage Ritual - 1hr - €100
A new destination, a journey to a haven of calm and well-being. A unique treatment using an incandescent candle as a massage elixir.

Firming Massage - 30 mins - €60
Manual technique to eliminate, cleanse and detoxify for a slimmer and toned figure.


(Scrub + Massage + Wrap)

New Zealand Rotorua Volcano Remineralising full body treatment - 1hr30 - €140
Take some time to relax and get away from it all. Relieve stress, fatigue and enjoy the energising benefits of this reinvigorating treatment.

New Zealand Rotorua Volcano Remineralising back treatment - 1hr - €90
Enjoy the benefits of this remineralising treatment that focuses on your back to relieve muscle tension.

Slimming Tea Leaf and Cocoa Bean full body treatment - 1hr30 - €140
A combination of Tea leaves and Cocoa Beans for a detoxifying wrap. Eliminate, cleanse and detoxify for a slimmer figure.

Anti-Age Rose Garnet Mineral full body treatment - 1hr30 - €140
The association of Garnet stone, cranberry and raspberry for a regenerating wrap. Enjoy a unique experience thanks to this precious cocktail of anti-age ingredients. Your skin will look
toned, smoother, regenerated, and protected against external elements.

Mint & Horsetail tired legs treatment - 1hr - €100
A unique experience. A cooling treatment that offers vertiginous freshness to relieve tired legs and shape your figure.

Treatment Combinations

Classic - 1hr-  €105
Alliance of a 30 min. facial & a 30 min. “Intemporel” massage.

Well-Being massage - 1hr30 - €150
Alliance of a 30 min. facial & a 1 hr. “Intemporel” massage.

Signature du Domaine de la Klauss - 2hrs - €170
Spa - Hammam Access 30 mins.
Relaxing Domaine de la Klauss Vine & Peridot Scrub 30 mins.
Domaine de la Klauss Signature Massage 1 hr.

Minéral Rubis - 2hrs30 - €188
Access to Spa - Hammam 30 mins
Remineralising and Relaxing New Zealand Rotorua Volcano 1 hr. back treatment.
“Les Précieux” facial 1hr.

Beauty Treatments

Slimming Treatment Package

Slimming Tea Leaf and Cocoa Bean full body treatment- 6 sessions lasting 1hr30 - €710
A combination of Tea leaves and Cocoa Beans for a detoxifying wrap. Eliminate, cleanse and detoxify for a slimmer figure.

Toning Massage Package - 6 sessions lasting 30 mins - €310
Manual technique to eliminate, cleanse and detoxify for a slimmer and toned figure.

Hand and Foot Treatments

Diamond Hand Treatment - 1hr - €90
Manicure followed by a soothing exfoliating scrub then a well-being massage, and nourishing mask for soothed and hydrated hands.

Diamond Foot Treatment - 1hr - €95
Footbath with relaxing salts followed by a reinvigorating scrub, then a well-being massage, and a nourishing mask for reenergised feet.

Nail care

Peridot Manicure - 30 mins - €50
Filing, cuticle treatment, massage

Peridot Pedicure - 30 mins - €60
Filing, cuticle treatment, massage

Nail polish - €30
French nail polish - €40
Semi-permanent nail polish hands - €50
Semi-permanent nail polish feet - €60

Gift vouchers

Treat your loved ones to a unique experience 
Choose the amount or a specific treatment.* Our beauty therapists will be happy to advise and help you find the perfect gift.
* valid for 1 year - A no-show will automatically cancel the validity of the gift voucher - Gift vouchers may not be reimbursed, and are non-exchangeable.


Want to offer a unique experience for a special occasion, birthday, or hen night? We offer full privatisation of all our wellness area. Privatisation possible from Monday to Saturday, only after 8 p.m.
Telephone enquiries on +33(0)3 82 83 07 17 or

Hair removal

Hair removal for women

Lip or eyebrows (maintenance) or chin  €10
Lip+eyebrows (maintenance)  €18
Cheeks  €12
Creation of eyebrows  €20
Restructuring of eyebrows  €25
Under arms  €15
½ Arms  €25
Full arms  €30
Basic bikini wax  €20
Brazilian bikini wax (strip)  €28
French bikini wax (semi-full)  €34
Full Hollywood bikini wax  €40
½ Legs  €25
Thighs  €27
¾ Legs  €30
Full legs  €35


Hair Removal Package

½ Legs+basic bikini+underarms  €54
½ Legs+Brazilian bikini+underarms  €61
½ Legs+French bikini+underarms  €67
½ Legs+Hollywood bikini+underarms  €72
Full Legs+basic bikini+underarms  €63
Full Legs+Brazilian bikini+underarms  €70
Full Legs+French bikini+underarms  €76
Full Legs+Hollywood bikini+underarms  €81


Hair removal treatments for men

Eyebrows  €20
Back  €45
Torso  €45
Under arms  €20


Hair Removal Packages

Back+Torso  €80

Practical Guide

We would like to inform our clientele that treatment times include arrival and preparation time in the treatment room. We recommend that you select and book your treatment beforehand. Please arrive at the spa 10 - 15 minutes prior to your appointment, so you can fully enjoy all the benefits of this relaxing experience. Unfortunately, late arrival will reduce the duration of your treatment.

Please let us know if you have any health problems or if you are pregnant, as some treatments or products may not be suitable.

Our treatments and well-being massages are not therapeutic and do not include any form of medical treatment. They are purely dedicated to well-being, rest and relaxation.

We take no responsibility for loss or damage to personal effects or valuable objects.

Day Spa & Spa Access & Treatments for non-residents are only available for people aged over 16.

Wearing a swimming costume and showering is mandatory before entering the Spa area.

Our Spa team looks forward to taking care of you 7 days a week and hope you have an enjoyable
moment of relaxation.

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