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Face treatments

Treatments for women

Express treatment 30 mins.  €33
Make-up removal, scrub, serum and mask.


Gemology treatments 45 mins.  €77
Essential treatments depending on your skin type
Gemology Opale for dry skin
Gemology Pierre de Lune for combination skin
Gemology Lapis-Lazuli for sensitive skin
Gemology Diamant for mature skin
Gemology Ambre Bleue


Precious treatments 1 hr  €88
Anti-age preventive treatments
Précieux Malachite for Dry skin
Précieux Améthyste for combination skin
Précieux Smithsonite for sensitive skin
Précieux Diamant Gel Mask


Les Ecrins  1hr 15 mins.  €105
Anti-age treatments according to the required result.
Ecrin Diamant Anti-wrinkle treatment
Ecrin Eclat Red Jasper
Ecrin Jade toning treatment
Ecrin Lumière Perle & Diamant lightening treatment


Minérale & Collagen 1hr 15 mins.  €138
Minérale & Collagène Jeunesse Diamant
Minérale & Collagène Eclat Rubis


Special Face Treatment packages
Gemology Les Classiques, 5 sessions lasting 45 mins.  €310
Les Précieux, 5 sessions lasting 60 mins.  €350
Les Ecrins, 5 sessions lasting 1hr 15 mins  €420
Minérale & Collagène Masque, 5 sessions lasting 1hr 15 mins.  €440


Treatments for men

Face treatments
Express treatment 30 mins.  €33
Cleansing, scrub, serum and mask.
Classique Gemology depending on your skin type 45 mins.  €77

Ecrin Eclat Red Jasper 1hr 15 mins.  €105

Ecrin Jade Toning treatment 1hr 15 mins.  €105

Face “Wellness massages” 30 mins.  €50
“Wellness massages” with semi-precious stones on the face, chest area, arms and scalp

OPTION for all treatments: extraction of blackheads and steam for 15 mins.  €20

Combined Face & Body treatments

Classic Combination 1 hr   €83
Intemporel “Wellness massages” (manual method) 30 mins.
Express Face treatment 30 mins.

Well-Being Combination 1 hr 30 mins. €120 
Intemporel “Wellness massages” (manual method) 60 mins.
Express Face treatment 30 mins.


Body Treatments

Treatments for men and women

Scrubs 30 mins.  €50

All our scrubs are carried out on warm marble stone

Domaine de la Klauss relaxing Vigne (grape marc) and Péridot scrub
Domaine de la Klauss toning Vigne (grape marc) and Rubis scrub
Domaine de la Klauss Silhouette Vigne (grape marc) and Mint scrub
Smoothing Mineral Pearl & Vanilla scrub
Invigorating Volcano Citrine and Mango scrub
Replenishing Granite Péridot and Shea butter Scrub


Body “Wellness massages”

Intemporel “Wellness massages” (manual method) 30mins / 45mins/ 1hr /1hr 30 mins.  €50 / €70 / €88 / €130
Signature Domaine de la Klauss “Wellness massages” (manual method with Gemology stones) 1hr  €100
Gemology semi-precious stones “Wellness massages” 1hr   €88
Gemology semi-precious stones face & body “Wellness massages” 1hr 15 mins.  €110
Candlewax “Wellness massages” 1hr  €88
Silhouette “Wellness massages” 45 mins.  €72
Manual Palpate and roll “Wellness massages” 30 mins.  €55


(Scrub+“Wellness massages”+Wrap)

Relaxing Volcanic Mineral full body wrap 1 hr 30 mins.  €127
Relaxing Volcanic Mineral back wrap 50 mins.  €72
Slimming Tea Leaf & Cocoa Bean full body wrap 1hr 30 mins.  €127 
Revitalising mint & wild horsetail wrap for tired legs 50 mins.  €72
Anti-age Rose Garnet full body wrap 1 hr 30 mins.  €127


Slimming treatment

6 sessions: Slimming Tea Leaf & Cocoa Bean treatments 1hr 30 mins.  €630 (scrub+Wellness massages+full body wrap)

Silhouette “Wellness massages,” 6 sessions lasting 45 mins. on areas to be treated  €360


Hand/Feet treatments

Péridot hand treatment 45 mins.  €54
(Manicure+“Wellness massages” )

Diamant Hand treatment 1hr  €75
(Manicure+scrub+“Wellness massages” +mask)

Péridot Foot treatment 45 mins.  €60
(Pedicure+balneotherapy+“Wellness massages” )

Diamant Foot treatment 1hr  €77
(Pedicure+balneotherapy+scrub+“Wellness massages” +mask)

Nail polish 20 mins.   €20 - if included in a manicure  €15
French manicure nail polish 25 mins. €25 - if included in a Hand treatment  €20

Semi-permanent polish (hand) €35
French manicure semi-permanent polish (hand) €40
Semi-permanent polish (foot) €30
French manicure semi-permanent polish (foot) €35
Semi-permanent polish (hand+foot) €55
French manicure semi-permanent polish (hand+foot) €65

Hair removal

Hair removal for women

Lip or eyebrows (maintenance) or chin  €10
Lip+eyebrows (maintenance)  €18
Cheeks  €12
Creation of eyebrows  €20
Restructuring of eyebrows  €25
Under arms  €15
½ Arms  €25
Full arms  €30
Basic bikini wax  €20
Brazilian bikini wax (strip)  €28
French bikini wax (semi-full)  €34
Full Hollywood bikini wax  €40
½ Legs  €25
Thighs  €27
¾ Legs  €30
Full legs  €35


Hair Removal Package

½ Legs+basic bikini+underarms  €54
½ Legs+Brazilian bikini+underarms  €61
½ Legs+French bikini+underarms  €67
½ Legs+Hollywood bikini+underarms  €72
Full Legs+basic bikini+underarms  €63
Full Legs+Brazilian bikini+underarms  €70
Full Legs+French bikini+underarms  €76
Full Legs+Hollywood bikini+underarms  €81


Hair removal treatments for men

Eyebrows  €20
Back  €45
Torso  €45
Under arms  €20


Hair Removal Packages

Back+Torso  €80



Make-up (day)  €35
Make-up (evening)  €45
Bridal make-up + test  €55


Treatment Combinations

All our scrubs are carried out on warm marble stone.

Minéral Opale  1 hr 30 mins.   €97
Spa access 30 mins
Face treatment Gemology opale 45mins
Hand and scalp modelage
Light day makeup.

Minéral Jade  1hr 45mins  €103
Spa access 30 mins.
30mins express face treatment
30mins face modelage
Hand and scalp modelage
Light day makeup

Signature Domaine de la Klauss  2 hrs  €150
Spa access 30 mins.
Domaine de la Klauss relaxing Vigne (grape marc) & Péridot scrub 30mins
Signature Domaine de la Klauss modelage 1hr

Minéral Rubis 2 hrs 45 mins 180€
Spa access 30 mins.
Relaxing volcanic mineral back stcrub, modelage and wrap 1hr
Precious face treatment 1hr
Hand and scalp modelage
Light day makeup

Minéral Diamant 3hrs 20mins  €195

Spa access 30mins
Diamant hand treatment Or Diamant foot treatment 1hr
Nail polish hand OR foot 20mins
Les Ecrins Diamant Anti-wrinkle face treatment 1hr15mins
Hand and scalp modelage


Treatments for two

“A treat For two” Treatments  (couples, friends, mother/daughter, father/son etc.)

All treatments (except foot treatments) can be realised in the twin treatment room, with an additional €10 surcharge and only if both choose the same treatment.


Privatisation of the balneotherapy area for two for 30 mins. + 2 flutes of the Domaine’s sparkling white wine   €66

Cérémonie Précieuse for two - € 230

1 hour intemporel modelage or a 1hour Precious face treatment in the twin treatment room following by 30 mins. of relaxation in a private balneotherapy area + 2 flutes of the Domaine’s sparkling white wine. 



Gift Vouchers

Offer a special moment to your loved one.

You can choose the length of the treatment, then your loved one can choose his/her treatment.


Gift Vouchers

Why not offer a unique experience at the Domaine de la Klauss?

Why not give your loved one a moment of relaxation worth €50 to €100, which may be combined and used to pay for hotel and spa services (click to purchase online).


Practical Guide

May we request that you arrive 10 mins. before your appointment time, so that you can fully enjoy your relaxing experience.

In the event of an impediment, we would appreciate that inform us at least 24 hours in advance.

If you are late, we will reduce the allotted time spent on your treatment accordingly.

We take no responsibility for loss or damage to personal effects.

If you suffer from health problems (circulation, allergies, asthma etc.) or if you are pregnant, please let us know.

Some treatments or products may not be suitable for you.

For our customers’ peace and quiet, we kindly request that you refrain from using your mobile telephone.

Showers are mandatory before entering the hammam.

Swimming costumes are mandatory for accessing the Spa area.

Gift Vouchers are valid for 1 year, any appointment which is missed will cancel the gift voucher. They are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

According to French law, the term “massage” may only be used by masseur-physiotherapists. We therefore use the term “Wellness massages,” in order to define our service for esthetic and relaxing results but not for therapy.